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Update Times, They Are A-Changin'

Remember that comic I draw twice a week? With the bunnies and guitars and fun? Well, I'm going to keep drawing it twice a week. Don't freak out.

But that said, I'm going to be updating on DIFFERENT DAYS!

"Thank goodness. I was getting bored."

See, I feel like I have trouble making the Saturday update, because by that time, I've been steamrollered by a week of classes and work. Sometimes, the Saturday updates just aren't as badass as they could be. Sometimes, the Saturday updates are late because I'm a dope. Ok, so new update days seems like the logical choice. "Which days?" you ask. "When can I get my Amplifunnies Joyfix?" Well, the new updates will be on only the BEST, top-quality days:

Besides - at least in the majority of comics I read - those days tend to be sadly lacking in updates of their own1. So I'll give this new schedule a try and we'll see what happens.

"HEY, WAIT," you say. "You're just trying to weasel out of updating on this Saturday!"

NOPE! Actually, the change will go into effect on Sunday, which means that this weekend, you'll get BACK TO BACK Amplified Joyride strips to celebrate! Admittedly, the inaugural Sunday strip will be a tad shorter than usual - but you are getting a BONUS COMIC in there. So it's ok.

Love and Kisses from Comicsland,
1 I'm hoping that there isn't a horribly good reason for this.

A little something for your ear-holes.

Welcome to the new readers I seem to have picked up over the last week or so! It's great to have you. I went out to the world wide web and found some super-cute especially for you! :D

I do hope you'll opt to enjoy my comic every Tuesday and Saturday, and feel free to comment or send me an email at I looooove feedback, especially from such dashing and intelligent people as you.

Hugs n' Kisses,

Things May Happen At Some Point

Good news! I'm maintaining my 2x weekly comic schedule, which means soon I'll move on to doing a bit of advertising with my (incredibly limited) spare cash. What does that mean for you? Well, hopefully I can attract some readers and all you fine folks can make MOAR FRANZ! :D

I also may be collaborating on a few small but amusing projects with my lovely and charming roommate. Details on that to come.

Also, you all need to see this.


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